A Topic Not To Be Skipped Over

Carleigh O, Editor

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Since the beginning of time, Seniors around America have taken pride in the sacred holiday known as Senior Skip Day. As a way of celebrating their hard work throughout the year, Seniors organize a day to skip school without telling the teachers or other students; however, Bancroft School has taken Senior Skip Day to a whole other level.

Now, Senior Skip Day has become a tradition that includes the teachers and administration. What’s a better way to rebel than rebelling against the rebellion! While Senior Skip Day is supposed to be chosen secretly by seniors, Bancroft has indeed lived up to its status as a place of intellectual triumph by beating the Senior Skip Day system. Bancroft’s new turn on the holiday now has the Deans approving multiple dates first and then having the seniors vote on which day they want to skip, which gives the allusion of the seniors “choosing” their skip day. Even better, the seniors vote on the random day weeks in advance! How deceptive, Bancroft.

You’re probably wondering how this is any fun if all of the teachers know that the seniors will be out on a certain day. The answer: the teachers act as if they don’t know AND plan classwork and homework for the Skip Day! Students often complain that this process takes away the actual fun of Senior Skip Day; however, this new and improved take on the day means that no senior students will be left out or in any trouble at all.

So, the question remains: has Senior Skip Day been ruined or improved? Either way, it’s safe to say that Bancroft has found new impressive ways to beat the system and skip over the foundation that Senior Skip Day is built on.

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