Advice to Seniors From A Famous Alumna

Maggie Simon, Former Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Seniors,

Don’t worry, your money was not wasted. Bancroft actually did prepare you for the big leagues.

As I complete my freshman year at Penn, I look back with amusement at the bundle of nerves I was in August; I did not need to be this nervous for the next four years. In college, you are going to adapt so quickly (it took me about three weeks to properly adjust) that you will be wondering how you ever woke up before 8:00 am and how you endured the same class for a whole year. College is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of stress; however, the knowledge and time-management and studying skills you learned at Bancroft will help you overcome any challenge.

But before you say adios to the Croft, here’s a few things I would keep in mind for college:

  1. The friendships you make in college may not last all four years.

From my own experiences, I had a few friends who I thought would be my best friends throughout the rest of college. By second semester, we stopped talking to each other. Additionally, you may not actually become super close with your roommate. To be honest, I will probably never see my freshman roommate again!

2. Do not schedule any classes at 9am if possible.

I promise you: you will not be able to wake up this early. You may think, “Oh, I’ve woken up at 6:30 am since lower school. I’ll be fine.” NO. You will end up sleeping through multiple alarms and missing class.

3. Don’t get too upset over rejection.

At Bancroft, you could join any club you wanted, and no one was excluded. In college, you will experience rejection. In general, clubs are smaller and more exclusive. Just keep in mind that you can always reapply next semester and the number of clubs you are a part of does not determine your social life.

4. Embrace the unexpected.

In college, unpredictable events occur all the time. For example, I did not expect to end up becoming a Communications major. I did not expect meet my closest friends in a place that the New York Times calls one of the worst dorms in America. I did not expect to be nicknamed Marge by all my friends. Do I enjoy the fact that my friends call me by an old lady name? Maybe a little bit. No matter what happens, welcome it.

Enjoy your last month at Bancroft! You will miss the amazing teachers, who looked out for you every step of the way, and you will miss the friends you have known for forever.

Also, try to actually accomplish something during co-op; it will end up being a useful experience to list on your resume.

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