Oh Captain, My Captain??

Carleigh O, Editor

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Sports have always been a prominent part of many students’ lives here at Bancroft, so it’s no surprise that Bancroft sports are a hot topic of conversation. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a common concern that seems to come up when talking about how teams are being led: the players don’t get to have a say in choosing captains. Some might argue that players could be contentious due to bitter feelings of not being elected captain; however, after hearing the tone and explanations I can confidently say that is not the case. Not only have players voiced this concern, but also captains themselves have said they think they should have been chosen by their teammates and not solely their coaches. As a captain myself, I agree that I would have liked to have been elected by my fellow team members as I would feel more proud to hold my position knowing that my team elected me because they believed I would be a good leader–not because only my coach thought I would be.

This issue plays into a greater issue of a lack of student voice not only in school, but also on the fields and courts. Neither many of the other athletes nor I believe that this method of appointing leadership positions is meant to purposefully take away athlete voice, but rather just the way it has been done for a few years; however, it is time for a change. Although many of the players agree that they should have a say, many also don’t think that the coaches’ opinions should be left out entirely. Coaches should have the final say in who becomes captain due to their perspective as the coach of the team, as the coaches may view the players in a different light than the team members view each other. Also, coaches need to have a say in order to make sure that the captains are not elected for unfair reasons such as popularity or intimidation.

In all, the selection of captains should be a team decision made by coaches and players. This change would be a step in the right direction towards improving student voice at our school.

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