What’s All The Hubbub?

Carleigh O'Connell, Editor

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Since the beginning of the year a popular topic amongst the students has been redesign of the Hub. Students were anxious and skeptical about the removal of the couches but remained hopeful that the new and “improved” Hub would be something worth waiting for.

After a long wait, four royal blue booths appeared. Along with their new tables, the booths make for a practical workspace in the Hub; however, they limit seating options for the students, resulting in a very crowded space. The couches allowed for over 18 students to sit comfortably and relax in their downtime, so you can imagine the annoyance when that number decreased to approximately 10 seating options. The sophomores also suffer from decreased seating options: in order to make up for the loss of seats in the Hub, chairs were taken from the sophomore area, leaving them with 5 chairs for their entire grade and occasional traffic jams in that area.

I know the school wanted the students look more productive and appropriate to prospective families, but having students enjoy their down time during the day is something that should not be frowned upon and changed. Students work hard at this school and should be rewarded with a space to decompress and rest during the day.While these aspects of the change prove to be a bit frustrating and unfair, the biggest issue with the whole dilemma is that the students were not consulted. Student voice has always been a major component of what makes being part of the Bancroft student body so great; however, the decision to completely change the student area was not brought to the student body in any way.

I hope that those in charge of decisions such as this see the importance of consulting the students affected by their decisions and strive to improve how they go about making changes to the student lifestyle.

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